AirBnB Wonderlabs, Brewdog’s Uncle Duke and Funky Shit – Yesterday’s European Trade Mark Filings 

 December 8, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


There was 377 Trade Mark Filings lodged with the European Trade Mark Office (OHIM) yesterday, here’s some of the ones that caught my eye!

First up, AirBnB have applied for a Trade Mark for ‘Wonderlabs’ – According to a quick Google Search, “Airbnb has an entire division, the “Wonderlab”, committed to the creation of an Airbnb “certified” home, those which incorporate enough of these unique and intelligent design elements to substantially improve the experience for guests and hosts, and then be “certified.” Think LEED, but for home sharing.”

Well then, that’s a thing – Here’s the TM filing:

airbnb wonderlabs

BMW has applied for a Trade Mark for Shoreditch. For cars, car parts and miniature cars. They’ve applied for Marylebone previously too. What’s all that about BMW, huh? Registering famous London names/areas/tube stations? What are you up to?!

BMW Shoreditch

Brewdog is seeking further protection for its brand Uncle Duke. However, if you Google ‘Brewdog Uncle Duke’ the only real reference to it are a post on Facebook in 2012 saying that 2012 is going to be the year of Uncle Duke, and then nothing else but Trade Mark applications. If I had to guess (and I don’t, but I’m going to anyway) I’d say that beer was never released back in 2012, but it’s coming soon.Brewdog Uncle Duke

In the words of the Prodigy, “Oh my god that’s the funky shit”

Funky Shit

Something a little more serious now, and you could be getting your next Job with The Irish Times Executive Jobs (give us a buzz lads, I’m open to headhunting)
The Irish Times Executive Jobs
I presume these are different and distinct from the ‘Apple Bottom Jeans’ made famous by Flo Rida, they are??


Not sure Maggie would approve of this (nor being called Maggie, to be fair):

iron lady



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