Easy Poop, Death Race and the University of the Medieval Genius – This Weekend’s European Trade Mark Filings 

 December 7, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


Got a certificate, diploma or degree do you? Oh really? Where from? Very interesting, I’ve got a degree from….

Seal of Unidersity of Medieval Genius

Yes, that’s the Seal of the University of the Medieval Genius. Consider yourself Top Trumped.

Well then, this is a thing:

Easy Poop
You ladies sure to do take those nails serious. The Nail Art World Cup everybody:

World Cup Nail Art
This has been a “thing” for amazon for ages apparently, it pops up on Google mostly to do with Comic Books and Marvel, but I wonder if the fact they have a recent filing for it means it could be expanding soon? Amazon Guided View:

Amazon Guided View

Looks like a new range from Julien MacDonald may be on the cards with ‘Smile by Julien MacDonald’

Smile by Julien McDonald


This has been registered in the Class for biscuits etc. Isn’t this a smiley Mikado, or am i imaginging this?

Mikado Cartoon Thing

Sony filed TM applications for a few older games this weekend, then confirmed they are coming to the store for Ps4. This is one of them, War of the Monsters:

War of the Monsters Sony

I wonder did their Trade Mark agent have a quiet word and say how this might be read or understood in some English speaking countries…..


The Masterchef M is seeking some more protection:

Masterchef M

Don’t know what it is, but I want no hand or part in it:

Death Race

Don’t know what it is but I want it immediately:

Jet Ranger

He’s done very well out of this, that skateboarding old man! Apparently he was the first person to pull of a 900 back in 1999. Milking it much Tony?

900 Tony Hawk

By the time LG are finished, I suspect there wont be many words in the English language that they haven’t applied for a Trade Mark for. This is one for the LG Kuiper Belt, which is a galaxy or a solar system or something. Incidentally there seems to be a planet called LG in the Kuiper Belt (thanks Google)Kuiper Belt LG
You know the Boom is Back when even the monkeys are prosperous:

prosperous monkey
Well at least when you aren’t sure what to wear on Casual Fridays there will be a clothes line just for you:

Casual Friday

Finally, two Irish spirits for you:

An Sliabh Liag
West Cork Irish Whisket














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