Why you should register your Trade Mark – A Cinnamon Case Study. 

 December 4, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


I spotted this Trade Mark filing in the Irish Patents Office. It’s the Trade Mark of a London based restaurant (which I now assume are looking at opening in Ireland):


As a regular diner in Cinnamon Cafe/Restuarant in both Ranelagh and Monkstown, I instantly thought of them, so I checked to see if they had their name or logo registered as a Trade Mark. They don’t. Which means that they would find it difficult to object to this particular application. There’s also the theoretical possibility that if this Trade Mark is granted, they could claim that Cinnamon (the cafe) are in breach of their Trade Mark in using the name cinnamon.

If you value your brand kids, register your IP and protect your Trade Marks.

Trademark Ninja

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