Instagroom (Not a Typo), Candy Brush (Ditto) and the Burger Bitch – Yesterday’s European Trade Mark Filings 

 November 26, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


Oh Unilver, you scamps! We see what you did there! Instagram, Instagroom – Very clever. Not sure Instagram will find it as amusing of course:



This was registered by the same firm that recently enough registered Ghostbusters and Heisenberg and some other Trade Marks for other TV and movie companies. Apparently it’s a new Saturday Night TV show coming soon to BBC – If you touch it, you keep it:

Can't Touch This

LG electronics yesterday filed applications fro Trade Marks for the names of all the planets:

LG Planets

Christmas is really G & T season, isn’t it? Well this company wants you to use their tonic:

G 7 T

Like Instagroom above, this is another play on words, this time on Candy Crush:

Candy BrushTrip advisor just filed their logo for further protection, but what I never noticed before is that when you look into it’s eyes, the logo is ironically trippy. See for yourself:

Trip Advisor

This is amusing on two levels (1) There’s a Goalkeepers Union, and (2) It’s registered by a law firm called ‘Onside Law’ that specialises in sports law




Goalkeepers Union

This is an increasing trend. The company that holds the IP for Timberland, has filed this Trade Mark Filing. What’s most interesting is that this exact picture (incorporating the 6 boots) is the actual Trade Mark they have applied for. It’s an interesting way of trying to protect your designs outside copyright and design rightsTimbaland For all those doc owners who, like me, have bags in every pocket!

Just Pennies Per Poop

Got wonky knees? There’s a thing for that:Knee Tracker
Finally, it’s not quite McDonalds is it?Burger Bitch







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