Huawei LiteOS – Is it going to be called HisiliteOS? 

 November 25, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


How do you know you’ve stumbled across something REALLY new?

When Google doesn’t know anything about it of course:

HisiliteOS Google

Well, Google might not know what it is YET, but it probably will soon because tech and electronics giant Huawie filed a Trade Mark Application for a Europe Wide Trade Mark for it yesterday:

HisiliteOS Trade Mark


I’m sure this has something to do with the company’s LiteOS which was announced back in May (and which Google does know about), but what sort of variation on this Operating System HisiliteOS is, well that’s as yet unknown.

lite OS Trade Mark
Interestingly, Huawei seems to have had a spot of bother trying to Register ‘LiteOS’ as a Trade Mark. You can check out the relevant applications HERE

Basically, Huawie applied to register Liteos on 10 April 2015. The application was opposed:

LiteOs - 10 April 2015

On the same day they applied to register Huawie LiteOS, and that application was accepted:

Huawei LiteOS

In May, they had another go at LiteOS (the OS in capitals this time) and that application was withdrawn:

LiteOS - Withdrawn - May 2015

Then yesteday, the filed for the mysterious HisiliteOS:

hisiliteOS small

And again for LiteOS:

LiteOS - Nov 2015

Interestingly, an Australian company had applied for the Trade Mark for LiteOS back in 2003, but then withdrawn their application:

LITEOS Keycorp

BUT the opposition to Huawei’s application didn’t come from them, it came from this crowd:


ANOTHER great example of why you should check the IP and Trade Mark position before you decide to name your brand/product and go public with it.

Well at least now when you Google HisiLiteOS there will be at least one result. This one.

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