November 23


The Euro Dating Awards, Nissan Datsun and Fish Kiss Bikinis – The latest European Trade Mark Filings

By Trademark Ninja

November 23, 2015

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Here’s the pick of the European Trade Mark Filings since last Friday:

If you’ve been watching ‘First Dates’ on Channel 4, you’ll doubtless think there’s a few contenders for this:

Euro Dating Awards



Could this signal the return of the Nissan Datsun to European shores? It was launced in India in 2014, but this is a filing for Europe so I wonder what might be on the cards?

Nissan Datsum

Nothing says ‘sexy beachwear’ like a Fish Kiss, right?

Fishkiss Bikinis
Speaking of fashion, is this a new Logo for fashion house DKNY?

New DKNY Logo

This logo might be familiar if you have an apple watch? I don’t, so I don’t know what it is, but apparently it’s something to do with an Apple Watch

Apple Watch Icon


This is mostly just interesting from a nerdy law point of view. This has been registered in the class for drinks other than Beer, but it’s just an Irish word, so I wonder if it will be held to be sufficiently distinctive as a word mark (it’s a type of seaweed, BTW)

An Dulaman


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