The Voice of the Sea, Thomas The Tank Engine, and Michael Jordan – Yesterday’s European Trade Mark Filings: 

 November 19, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja



We’ve all heard of  or seen ‘The Voice’ (whether of Ireland, the UK or just generally) and in fact our firm is involved in litigation relating to the ownership of the rights to the format, BUT, yesterday this Trade Mark application was filed – The Voice of the Sea!? All I can think of is that SEA could mean South East Asia. They can’t be considering an underwater singing competition, right?? RIGHT??

The Voice of The Sea


Choo Choo! Thomas the Tank Engine has filed a Trade Mark application. Well not him personally, obviously, as he doesn’t have any hands (duh). But check out the range of products it was filed for below:Thomas the Tank Engine (1)Thomas the Tank Engine (2)

This raises quite an interesting question as to what you can and can’t Trade Mark, and whether you can have copyright in fictional character names etc – Moneypenny Trade Mark Application:




The folks over at LG at launching a Hybrid Smart Watch it seems:

LG Hybrid Watch

It’s an end to all the unconscious eating we do:

Conscious Eating


The Huffington Post have filed for a Trademark for their daily news delivery each morning, The HuffPost Rise:

Huffpost Rise

It doesn’t say who has applied for this, but this has to  be the Michael Jordon logo right? Michael Jordan Bleach? Insert comical joke relating to ‘me hoop’ here…Michael Jordan Bleach

It seems a bit of a mouthful to me…”Mummy Mummy, can we please go to Paramount Parks a Joint Venture between Hollywood and Silicon Valley”, but then what do I know about marketing?Paramount Parks




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