Two of my favourite video games of all time are coming together to make one uber game. According to Google, this has been known for some time, but this Trade Mark filing is the first I’ve heard of it. Colour me excited:

Likewise, apparently a public bar in James Gate has been on the cards for a while, but this might suggest it’s imminent….that or there’s a new brand of beer called Open Gate Brewery

Just because it’s a man with a jetpack and it’s registered to ‘Jetpack Aviation Limited’. Smashing.

You know it’s a thing when there’s a Trade Mark…

What in the holy hell is this. “Brain Radio” – Check out the description of the Goods and Services. “Neutostimulator algorithm feature sol as an integral component of an implanted netorstimulator programmer to capture, store and display internet data collected by an apply control to the implanted device’ – Well that sounds suitably terrifying!!

Also I’m not sure what Navibration is, but I think I already like it. Navigation by vibration maybe? Maybe not.