Eau de Keano? Robbie Keane’s company applies for Robbie Keane Trade Mark 

 October 15, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


“What does Robbie Keane smell like?”, I’ve often wondered to myself while watching the great man in action. I’d say he smells lovely. Musky, manly, with a hint of grass after a forward roll goal celebration.

Anyway, you may soon be able to smell just like him because his UK based promotions company has just applied to register the name “Robbie Keane” as a Europe Wide Trade Mark:

Robbie Keane Promotions

And what does he plan on using his name for? Glad you asked!

Look at the possibilities:

  • Eau de Robbie
  • A Robbie Keyring
  • A Robbie Keane Moneybox
  • A Robbie Keane blank video tape! (Shut up and take my money!)
  • A Robbie Keane Record Token Card
  • A Robbie Keane Doll
  • A Robbie Keane deck of cards

In full, the application is for:

Goods and services

  • Perfumes, eau de cologne, hand lotions and other lotions (toilet waters), anti-perspirants, deodorants, hair lotions, hair conditioners, and other hair care cosmetics, shaving lotions, hair dyes and other cosmetics; dentifrices.
  • Keys, keyrings, key chains; badges for attachment to the exterior and/or interior of motor cars; ornaments; figurines; signs; containers; money boxes; all made of common metals and their alloys.
  • Sunglasses; blank video tapes; pre-recorded video tapes; DVD’s; laser-read discs for recording and playing sound and video; blank audio tapes; pre-recorded audio tapes; compact disc players and recorders; computer tapes and discs; photographic film; records; recordings of sound or images; films; film strip apparatus for recording; computer software; computers, computer peripherals, data carriers and computer programmes; video cameras, recorders and players; radio and television apparatus and equipment; tape recorders and players; loudspeakers; microphones; visual display units (VDUs); record players; electrical communication apparatus and instruments; other electronic machines and instruments and their parts and fittings.
  • Jewellery, precious stones; precious metals and their alloys and goods of precious metals or coated therewith; horological and chronometric instruments; watches; stop-watches and sports stop-watches.
  • Posters; calendars; photographs; magazines, newspapers and newsletters; instruction manuals; greeting cards; notelets; stickers and decalcomanias; paper and card-board; printed matter; periodical publications; instructional and teaching materials (except apparatus); record token cards; gift token cards; stationery; pen and pencil cases.
  • Articles made of leather or of imitation leather; rucksacks; backpacks; bags, cases; wallets; purses; keyholders; keyfobs; luggage; umbrellas and parasols; badges.
  • Articles of clothing; footwear; headgear; football shirts, football boots, socks and shorts.
  • Toys; dolls; games; playthings; sporting articles; articles for use in the training for, and playing of, football; footballs; shin pads; goalkeepers gloves; Toys; dolls; games; playing cards.

Trademark Ninja

I'm A Ninja. You know, Ninja Stars, Ninja Nunchucks, all that sort of good stuff. I'm dispensing truth and justice Ninja Style.....in a very civilised and non-litigious kind of way. Unless you make the Ninja angry, then KARATE-CHOP! Fine, fine. I'm not a Ninja. I'm Brian Conroy, Trademark Agent and Solicitor in Dublin Ireland. Find me (in non Ninja form) at www.brianconroy.com

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