People of Weastmeath Rise up and reclaim what is rightfully yours before the people at Westmeath Gobal Communications Inc take it from you!



Also they are similarly after your Seanachai:


Remeber that Fergie Song ‘My Humps’ wherein she discussed her lovely lady lumps? Well this strikes me as the kind of thing she might have referenced therein:

Lady Lube

Yesterday we had “Biblical Lust Shoes“, today it’s the iDisciple


I’m not sure, but this just struck me as the name of a company you’d expect Lex Luthor to be head of in Superman:


We have Prime Time for high brow investigative journalism (notionally) – This crowd want to use it it for……Potatoes

Prime Time Potatoes

Kik Is still a thing, apparently.

Siemens are working on something called Flash Doc:


Adidas have applied to register ‘Energizes Stability’ in respect of footwear. They haven’t registered the correct spelling, which is clearly ‘Energised Stability’ in my mind

Adidas Energized Stability

The Welsh Ruby Union have applied to extend the protection of their logo to many goods:

WRU - Welsh Rugby Union


If you have a Goo on you, perhaps you should think about a Goo Box


And finally, is this a new version of the Mini Clubman?? The “Mini Clubman Boost”

Mini Clubman Boost