Bare Grillz, Iron Maiden Wine, and A New Lynx Fragrance – This week’s UK Trade Mark Journal 

 October 5, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


Every Friday the UK Trade Marks Journal is published! There’s a lot of applications/filings each week, some 384 pages worth this week alone, but here’s my pick of the highlights (and lowlights) this week:

Ha! A genius play on words if you ask me. Not Bear Grylls, but rather:

Bare Grillz

Iron Maiden Wine is a thing, apparently! I’ve checked the website, and this is their 7th vintage of “Eddie’s Evil Brew” apparently, though they are only getting around to applying for the Trade Mark for the words now.

Eddie's Evil Brew

Everyone knows that ending a word with a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’ makes it 73.6% cooler. See Muslinz:



A new fragrance from Lynx do we feel? It’s no Africa, but have a sniff of ‘Lynx You’ perhaps:

Lynx You

Haribo have been on a made Trade Mark filing buzz. They filled LOADS this week. For those ‘Tangfastic’ fans amongst you, I bring you ‘Tanfastricks’, ‘Skeletangs’, ‘Santastics’ and ‘tangfastlips’

tangfastricks skeletangs



There’s something quite interesting about this as well. A PepsiCo in Ireland has applied for Trade Marks for all of the below. Clearly the 7-Up brand, but they haven’t registered any logos with ‘Up’ in it. What’s going on here? I hope they aren’t planning on messing with an Irish institution. It’s unusual to my mind, but we’ll see what happens…

7up 3 7up 2 7up -1

I’m not sure if this is significant or not?! Virgin group have applied to Trade Mark Virgin Virgin Records in the UK in a load of classes. Could this mean a return to the high street? Or a return of of the record label to UK shores? Could it mean nothing at all and I’m reading too much into it? Perhaps. Click below to go snoop at the application

virgin records

Chelsea Football Club have applied to Trade Mark ‘Stamford Bridge’ for all sorts of clothes:

Stamford Bridge

This is just for anyone (like me) we ever spent a summer in a mobile home and always lusted after a Willerby (or couldn’t afford a Roadmaster)

Willerby Holiday Homes

I haven’t watched ‘Breaking Bad’ but I gather Heisenberg is something to do with that? Well this e-cigarette company looks to be trying to cash in on the name, Heisenberg E-Cigarettes
heisenberg e-cigarettes

Looks like the return of a certain radio station could be on the cards:

southern sound radio

I’ve been told it enough times in my life:

Man Up


Really not sure I want to think about the origins of my Ice Cream this much when I’m eating it!

udderlicious ice cream
I have no words. This was submitted as a filing. Someone wants to protect this. Seriously.


Fathers4Justice have applied to protect their name:


fathers for justice

You had me at chocolate:


Run for Chocolate


This is potentially quite a clever pun on Oktober Fest – But If I was the person who owned Oktober Fest, I’d be objection lickity split to October Feast

October Feast

I’ve seen this quite a lot recently with brands trying to protect the packaging or get-up of their products, but leaving out the brand name (which presumably is different in different markets) This looks very lemsip to me, what do you think?

Max All In One


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