Friday was another busy day for Trade Mark applications in the OHIM. In total there were 480 Applications

Firstlly, I wonder does Jack Black know he potentially has a non-alcoholic beer coming out? This application was filed yesterday for Beers in Class 32:

Jack Black Beer

On Google, I can find reference to the Nissan ID Concept Car, and also the Nissan IDX Concept car, but I can’t find any reference to a Nissan IDS Concept car, so apparently, this is coming!

nissan ids concept

Sky seem to have a pack for everything. Sky Sports Pack, Sky Movies Pack, Sky James Bond Pack. Well add to that Sky Russian Pack and Sky Turkish Pack. Sign me up.

Sky Russian Pack

And the big spenders yesterday, LG electronics, filing 39 Applications at a cost of €35,100 – Mostly colours, like so (click on the link to see them all)

Glacier Blue