The Apple Helmet, Shakespeare’s Sister, Porkies and the Aston Martin DB9 – This weeks’ UK Trade Mark Applications 

 September 28, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja





Another week another 364 pages of Trade Mark Journal in the UK to look through!

Two London Underground looking Trade Marks to start with. Interesting for a few reasons, mostly to the extent that that might infringe on the Long Underground Trade Mark, and secondly because of their content!

Mind the Rooskies (in an 80s action movie kind of way):

mind the russians

And get off here for Apple repairs:

Apple Underground

Speaking of Apple, I wonder if this punter may win the ‘most likely to be sued’ award this week for his Apple Helmet:

Apple Helmet

Although I’d wager there is stiff competition in that department from this ‘Acti-Milk’ crowd. Or am I the only one that things its fierce like Actimel?

Acti Milk

It could just because there’s a new Bond movie coming out, but Aston Martin have just registered ‘DB9’ for a whole range of products:

Aston Martin DB9

I still can’t watch the  video for Shakespeare’s Sister’s song stay (click here if you can), but some lad has just applied for a Trade Mark for ‘Shakespeare’s sister’ – I’m going to let the girls know!

Shakespeare's Sister

Who doesn’t like ‘drinkies’ – But whatever about buying bottled water for humans, I’m drawing the line at buying it for your doggies!drinkies

Given the amount of time we spend on it, there’s no doubt many do, so much so, there has been a Trade Mark Application for ‘Love Your Loo’

Love your loo

From the 1981 classic Porkies, comes this amazing name for a catering company:



Speaking of Pork, who is ready to ‘feed me happy’ and take away the Hangry:
feed me happy


I wonder if Electric Picnic would have anything to say about this, ‘The Electric Event’:

The Electric Event

If you live by the motto ‘Live, Laugh, Love’, then I’ve got just the club for you…..provided you’re a lady:

live laugh love ladies club

I mostly just included this because it’s so totally mad looking:WHAT is this yoke


afro carribean catering services

I just like that this has been Trade Marked by Kia, the lads who make the cars! They’ve released a cartoon apparently, Super Racer Enzy to get kids interested in cars or something.

Kia Super Racer Enzy


After Antman (Side note – I still haven’t seen it because it’s supposed to be awful, but I really do love Paul Rudd. Met him once, long story)….Comes The Roach!
The Roach

I would have thought this would have been registered AGES ago for Extra Chewing Gum, but apparently now – Eat Drink Chew

eat drink chew

You want a cake? Abra-Cake-Dabra, you’ve got a cake!

Abra Cake Dabra

I’m not sure quite what this is, but is sounds fun – The Sitcom Experience Comedy Dinner Show:

the sitcom experience

When you want a bit of Dutch Courage, but not TOO much Dutch Courage, you want ‘Two Pints Brave’ – Actually it’s a clothing company and nothing to do with beer, still though!

Two Pints Brave Dutch Courage

No, I don’t want a motorised, electric powered, self balancing, wheeled personal mobility transportation device……said nobody ever

Wazeboard the board game, coming soon to a toy shop near you!


Anyone for a Brewskee?


This is just me being thoroughly juvenile, but that’s some very unfortunate placement on the page:



Another ‘Wow, I would have thought that would have been registered ages ago’ application, this time for Kittensoft:


Olympic Boxer and gold medallist Nicola Adams is bringing out her own line of Hoodies it seems:

Nicola Adams Hoodies

And for the stun huns, St Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower

St tropez gradual tan in shower






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