Star Wars, Nana Couture and the Thunder Bitch – Yesterday’s OHIM Trade Mark Filings 

 September 23, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


I’ve already posted today about the BBC trying to Trade Mark The Tardis and a big Sky/Skype/SkyPrivate bun fight I’m expecting, but there was also all these applications for Trade Marks filed in the OHIM yesterday I don’t want you to miss out on!

First off, there’s a new whiskey in town, and it means business. Thunder Bitch Whiskey. Remember the name, and feel free to check out their website, which I should warn you is NSFW (which is ‘not suitable for work’ in case you’re not down with the lingo!) – http://www.thunderbitchwhisky.com/

thunder bitch whiskey


It looks like Benny and the lads are going into the pesticide business. Well, actually it’s obviously not them, but somebody has applied for a Trade Mark for ABBA for pesticides

abba pesticides

Everyone knows there ain’t nobody more On Fleek (Google it) than your Nana, right? Well Nana Couture is here to prove it

nana couture


Smelly cat’s cousin, one assumes: Puffy Cat:



Should we be expecting some sort of new Special K any time soon? Looks like it. Special K Nutri-Mi, whatever that is. I imagine it will involved a woman in a red swimsuit, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Special K

Mobile phone and technology company Huawei (who have applied for 55 Trade Marks in the last week FYI) have applied for one for ‘Knuckle Touch’ in relation to mobile technology. The mind boggles.

Knuckle Touch

In case you missed it ‘Star Wars Force Friday’ was a big global merchanising event at the start of September to mark the launch of the new movie. Well it looks like it may be an annual or more regular thing anyway, because they’ve applied to registered this yesterday:

Star Wars Force Friday


Finally, if you like your sauce hot and spicy, this might be the sauce for you:

leather lips hot sauce

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