According to Wikipedia, IOT stands for ‘Internet of Things’, like so:

internet of everything wikipedia


Well electronic manufacturer LG Electronics seems to be gambling big on the Internet of Things being the next big……eh, thing!

Yesterday they filed 33 applications based on the phrase IOT. Each application was filed in 4 classes. That’s outlay of €1,050 per application, or €34,650 in outlay alone (as in, before their legal fees) to register the following:


  1. IoTelepathy
  2. IoTTelepathy
  3. IoText
  4. IoTText
  5. IoTMotion
  6. IoTalk
  7. IoTTalk
  8. IoTGesture
  9. IoTReading
  10. IoTHealing
  11. IoTCooking
  12. IoTShopping
  13. IoTSleeping
  14. IoTRelaxing
  15. IoTEating
  16. IoTDriving
  17. IoTRecommend
  18. IoTManager
  19. IoTLink
  20. IoTSetting
  21. IoTGuard
  22. IoTShare
  23. IoTShare
  24. IoTShare
  25. IoTShare
  26. IoTEmotion
  27. IoTLiving
  28. IoTContents
  29. IoTLive
  30. IoTView
  31. IoTKitchen
  32. IoTRecipe
  33. IoTChef

And, actually they filed a whole load more applications (for different Trade Marks not based on IOT, which came to another €18,900, meaning a total yesterday of €53,550 on Trade Marks yesterday alone, and in outlay alone. LG, If you’re reading this, I’ve got an LG Television at home, so we’re practically besties. Throw me in a new one and I’ll do all these applications for mates rates.