Paddy’s Two Foot Tackle, A Big Ass Light, and P@rsche – Yesterday’s OHIM Trade Mark Filings 

 September 16, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


Another day, another 387 new Trade Mark Applications filed in the European Office (OHIM) for Community Trade Marks. I’ve already posted my favourite one earlier in a separate blog post HERE but there’s some other interesting applications filed yesterday also!

Paddy’s Two Foot Tackle – THIS I’m very interested in. When you’re searching a European Trade Mark Database and ‘Paddy’ comes up, you immediately think it must be Irish. Then FR Kelly are the representatives (they are an Irish firm). THEN it’s registered in all the gambling and gaming classes. You’d have to assume this is something to do with Paddy Power, wouldn’t you? Maybe not, but that’s where my money is (see what I did there). So, what do you think Paddy’s Two Foot Tackle is likely to be? Knowing them (if it is them) something outrageous and I personally wouldn’t rule out tackle being a willy reference, would you?!

Paddy Power


A new product from Max Factor for the ladies (and gents in search of smoothness, ones assume) – The Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer:

smooth miracle primer


Seems a little late in the day to be applying for Trade Mark Protection for The Ramones, but apparently not:



This is a Pokemon Game, I’m reliably informed (by the internet) which was released in Japan this year and is slated for European release next year – Looks like it if this Trade Mark Filing is to be believed at least: Pokemon Cyber Sleuth

Digimon Cyber Slruth

Seems like as apt a time as any to be registering a Trade Mark for war child, though as far as I can see it already has protection in Class 41

War Child


I mentioned this in an earlier post, but still, who could resist the urge to publish it again – The Official Santa Claus of the Arctic Circle

Santa Claus

Does this Trade Mark application remind anybody else of anything??


I’m struggling to imagine the product but I have to say I love the name, BIG ASS LIGHT anyone? So is that a light that is ‘big ass’ or is it a light for a big ass, is it a light that attaches to your ass, and in which case is it the light that is big or the ass? So many questions. I hope Kim Kardashian knows about it anyway.

big ass light

It looks like Huawei pinned their flag to the mast in terms of the names for their upcoming range of phones then…


I love this, but I’m not sure “Porsche” are going to be as impressed! Someone has applied to Trade Mark P@rsche. Gas.



Some more new make-up, this time from Mac

Mac a touch of flush

I don’t know who these two are, but I like the cut of their jib – Almdudler FTW


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