It’s Whiskey O’Clock – Four Roses have filed a Trade Mark Application for Whiskey in Ireland 

 September 16, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


I’m not much of a Whiskey drinker, so I’m not sure if ‘Four Roses’ is common in Ireland already, or whether any of you have ever heard of it (I hadn’t). But while I don’t drink whiskey unless it’s very late and we’re out of everything else, I do trawl the Trade Mark Section of the Irish Patents Office website early every morning, which is how I know that Four Roses have applied for a Trade Mark in Class 33 – Whiskey:

Four Roses Whiskey Ireland Trade Mark

Just FYI, I also did a search of Four Roses, and apparently it’s more a Bourbon than a Whiskey, on which some words of wisdom from The Mens Journal- http://www.mensjournal.com/food-drink/drinks/what-exactly-is-the-difference-between-bourbon-and-whiskey-20140905

Trademark Ninja

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