Everybody Stop What You’re Doing Immediately and behold the greatest Trade Mark Ever Applied for…. 

 September 16, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


Every day I check the OHIM database to see what Trade Marks were filed the day previous. It averages about 380 (there was 387 yesterday) and it’s a great way of getting ahead of some brands who (rightly) have sought protection in advance of rolling our certain products or services. Every day there’s a few gems of Trade Mark Applications filed, but this must surely take the biscuit. Behold the Trade Mark Application for…..

The Official Santa Clause of the Arctic Circle

I’ll have the rest of the standout applications later (including a potential new Paddy Power product or promotion), but I thought this bad boy deserved a post all of its own, don’t you?

Trademark Ninja

I'm A Ninja. You know, Ninja Stars, Ninja Nunchucks, all that sort of good stuff. I'm dispensing truth and justice Ninja Style.....in a very civilised and non-litigious kind of way. Unless you make the Ninja angry, then KARATE-CHOP! Fine, fine. I'm not a Ninja. I'm Brian Conroy, Trademark Agent and Solicitor in Dublin Ireland. Find me (in non Ninja form) at www.brianconroy.com

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