The New Candy Crush Saga, Disney Vaiana & The European Asapargus Symposium (Yes, seriously) – Yesterday’s OHIM Trade Mark Filings 

 September 15, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


There were 380 Applications for European Trade Marks filed in the OHIM yesterday, Monday 14th September 2015, but was there anything interesting? Depends on what you call interesting!


Candy-Crush-CoverFrom the people who brought you ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and then a whole load of other ‘Sagas’ comes the latest, well you get it by now, saga! King.com have just registered the Trade Marks ‘Brick Wizard’ and ‘Brick Wizard Saga’ coming soon to a smartphone and tablet near you!

Brick Wizard

Disney are up to something. I’m not sure what, but they are up to something as they have just registered ‘Disney Vaiana’ and I’ve googled it and come up with nothing. What is this ‘Vaiana’ Disney? Well? WELL?? I can’t wait to link back to this post in about a year when they announce details of whatever the heck this is…


The whole idea of a Trade Mark is to protect against other people infringing on your rights. I just can’t see it, but maybe there is a rival Asparagus Symposium and they wanted to make sure they got their spoke in first. The European Asparagus Symposium. Gas.
European Asparagus Symposium

Someone is trying to Trade Mark ‘Casino Royale’ for clothing and other classes:
Casino Royale

Google bought this Company back in April, and have now applied for a Trade Mark for the product – It’s a virtual reality thingy yokey majig

Tilt Brush



I’m not sure quite what it is, but something about the word ‘panties’ always feels a bit weird to me. Slim Panties 360 even weirder frankly:

Slim Panties


This is a slightly odd one, as the fist Assassin’s Creed game came out in 2007, and was Trade Marked then. This most recent application is for protection in further classes, namely science stuff, paper stuff and games.

Assassins Creed


The Caputo Cup FYI is like the world cup for Pizza Making. Seriously, I kid you not. The Caputo Cup is a big deal….to world renowned pizza makers

caputo cup


Anyone for a Lipton Ice? Nope, me neither:


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