Chicken Sandwiches, Snoop Dogg & A Vodka – Today’s Interesting IP 

 August 26, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


“What time is it?” I shout like some unruly gameshow host! “It’s Interesting IP O’Clock” you cry in return, enthusiastic IP audience that you are….Or Not. Either way, here’s today’s Interesting IP

More tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel etc.


Trademark Ninja

I'm A Ninja. You know, Ninja Stars, Ninja Nunchucks, all that sort of good stuff. I'm dispensing truth and justice Ninja Style.....in a very civilised and non-litigious kind of way. Unless you make the Ninja angry, then KARATE-CHOP! Fine, fine. I'm not a Ninja. I'm Brian Conroy, Trademark Agent and Solicitor in Dublin Ireland. Find me (in non Ninja form) at www.brianconroy.com

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